About Us

Not Your Relief Society Book Club

We are two LDS librarians (and have the master’s degrees to prove it) who wanted the chance to not only talk about books, but share our reading discoveries with those of our faith.

Many Relief Society-based book clubs are short-lived, and usually focus on books by general authorities or LDS authors who write in the inspirational romance genre. We wanted the chance to not only sustain some book discussion, but broaden the horizons of those who share our faith. We will certainly review books by LDS authors, but we also want to bring out books that are of good report or praiseworthy by authors who might not share our beliefs. Really, we love to read and talk about what we read, and this gives us a chance to do it!

Amanda Mae is an adult services librarian in the South. Formerly a bookseller, she once had aspirations of becoming a reenacting musician in Colonial Williamsburg. She has lost track of the number of Relief Society presidencies she has served in. Her perennial reading favorites include historical fiction set in the 1950s, coming-of-age stories of those with strong religious backgrounds, and making-of books about favorite films. Follow her on Twitter @miss_amandamae.

Maria is a teen librarian in the West. As a child she used to dream of being an author, but for now she focuses on reading as much as she can and recommending books to whoever will listen to her. Currently, she enjoys being a primary teacher and family history consultant in her ward, but she loves callings where she gets an excuse to play the piano. She likes teen fiction, especially dystopian series, realistic romance, and fantasy/science fiction.