Redeemed, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Pub. date September 8, 2015

I have been looking forward to this book since the Missing series started in 2008. Eight books later, I am happy saying goodbye to these characters and excited to see what Margaret Peterson Haddix will come up with next.

I can’t do this book review without also including the series. I loved this series because it includes several of my favorite themes: history, time travel, and the hero’s quest. I enjoy watching characters grow and develop through trials and difficult situations. Having those difficult situations include stories about the lost princes from the Tower of London, the Romanovs, the city of Roanoke, and Albert Einstein was especially satisfying.

The series focuses on Jonah, a boy who is adopted and has discovered he and a group of tweens are from the past—children taken from their time periods, turned back into babies, and adopted/raised by families in the future. Unfortunately, this has disrupted the time continuum and could destroy everything. So, Jonah and these tweens go back into time to fix whatever was broken when they were taken from their time periods.

On its own, I thought this book was good; it was not my favorite in the series since this book focused more on wrapping up loose ends then a story from history. Ms. Haddix has constant twists and turns, with cliff hangers at the end of every chapter. She handles the complexities of time travel well, and she does a good job of portraying the mindset of tweens. The ending is not what I expected, but it works with the rest of the series and has a good message.

Overall, I highly recommend this series. It must be read in order since there are so many twists, turns, and cliffhangers. For those who are leery of romance, there are boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that mention kissing and holding hands. Still, the story is interesting, educational, and well-written with a good moral message.


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